Important and Useful Information

You can use your new glass kettles directly on your stove to boil water for your teas or coffees.

German Glass Stove-Top Kettles Quick Info List:

Heat resistant (up to 450°C/842°F), suitable for use in microwave, microwave grill, dishwasher and stove

Suitable for healthy and safe food preparation

Easy to clean and hygienic in use through the pore-free surface

Show a high resistance to sudden temperature changes with a temperature difference of 140°C/284°F (three times as high as normal glass or lead crystal glass)

Manufactured from clear borosilicate glass which is free of smell and flavor, does not discolor and shows high chemical and mechanical resistance

Do not give off any substances and are therefore suitable for allergy sufferers

Suitable as an individual and creative gift idea


Instructions for Using Your New German Glass Stove-Top Kettle

You will enjoy years of use with your kettle with the following tips:

  1. Wash your new kettle before using. 
  2. Fill kettle with water and place on stove ~ gas or  electric.
  3. Heat up kettle on even heat and make sure that glass handle is not over heat source. 
  4. Avoid sudden temperature changes and cooling of the glass. Never place hot glassware on cold or wet surface. We pour out boiled water (for tea, coffee, cocoa…) and always leave a little boiled water in the bottom of the kettle and sit back on the stove /hear source where we boiled it WITH the heat turned off and allow it to cool before using again.
  5. Hold kettle lid and pour boiled water from kettle into cup, container, food dish…whatever you’re preparing.

Cleaning Tips: 

Dishwasher Safe: German Glass Stove-Top kettles are dishwasher safe, we recommend cleaning by hand and an occasional scrubbing with baking soda and soft sponge to keep sparkling clean.

IMPORTANT NOTE: NEVER boil your kettle dry. This will weaken the glass and subject it to eventually crack. 


Glass kettles are the best! However they must be cared for with respect to the more fragile glass material. All our German Glass Stove-Top Kettles are inspected by Natural Lifestyle staff before shipping to our customers.

German Glass Stove-Top Kettle Manufacture Warranty: 

2 years for all material faults and processing defects but of course not for defects caused by physical/mechanical loads and not for wear and tear or damage inflicted by use. The glass glass material does not get wear and abrasion. So any fault or defect will only happen at the beginning of using and not a half year later.


An excellent glass base “Made in Germany“, certified quality, continuous improvement of the technological possibilities and our long-standing experience with heat-resistant glass guarantee high quality processed products.

We work only with raw materials of outstanding quality and with reliable partners. The Borosilicate glass 3.3. coming exclusively from Germany and the EU, guarantees that all our products comply with the applicable EU standards and regulations. Our glass contains no heavy metals or other toxic substances and with its smooth and pore-free surface is particularly suitable for people with allergies. 

In the certified manufacturing process several quality control measures have been put in place to ensure that our products meet the highest requirements from all aspects. The products are manufactured from machine-made bodies guaranteeing the best aesthetic and chemical, physical qualities. The very even wall thickness ensures outstanding thermodynamic qualities so that our glass products can be placed directly on heat sources.

Spouts and handles are affixed manually by our highly experienced glass blowers, adding a touch of individuality to all of our products.